Writer's Boot Camp
How to Write Non-fiction
    and Get Paid for It

This 49-page PDF book covers all aspects of learning to write and sell to magazines (which, unlike most on-line or app jobs, actually pay money), how to build a reputation as a writer, and how to make your articles into books. Writer's Boot Camp covers:
  • Basic writing skills
  • Article/story formats
  • Types of articles (travel, how-to, personal experience etc.)
  • Where to get ideas
  • How to make a name for yourself as a writer
  • Finding the right markets and much more.
This is the handbook Joanne Orion Miller uses to teach a college-level course. It eliminates the padding and frippery found in so many "how to write" books and gets right to the core issues of what to expect as a writer.

For a copy, download the PDF version from PayPal for $5.99 USD

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